Pest Control Quell the Serathoid infestation before time runs out. Does the RYNO VII change names once it passes a certain level? You collect the pieces of the blueprint and bring them back to The Smuggler. Now get in it to get to the platform and once that you're there you'll need to cancel out that one then once again fire at it and to the one that you'll be seeing to the right of the one from where you came. Once that gravity has been restored to the ship then you'll have to watch out now as Thugs 4 Less will make their way with plans of breaking out Vendra. As you fight the one in the airship there'll be a couple on higher ground that'll be giving him cover as he attacks you and when you have dealt with the one in the airship as well as the ones on higher ground you'll need to turn the bolt crank. Change gravity down then go smack the Nether then change gravity up and when you get to the platform slow Clank down so you can get over the pit without taking any damage to get where the next moveable object is. Fight off the Nether Invasion. While you have only one minute to take down fifteen targets. This modified Plasma Striker only does damage on weak point hits. Head up the moving platform to enter as there'll be where you can purchase two new weapons if you have the bolts to purchase any of them as well as a armor vendor. Don't go straight as you'll want to head to the right to make your way through some sewers and as you do you'll be finding some Sarathoids around as these ones will be running away from you so you won't have to worry about fighting those ones off anyways. This topic is locked from further discussion. You'll be able to get some ammo back with the ammo crates but it'll only refill one or two weapons depending on which is in the crate after each regeneration later on in the fight. The Holo Plan is right there. RYNO Holocard Card 9 (RYNO VII) - Deplanetizer The final RYNO Holocard is located right near the end of the game. He will build a powerful weapon for you. For this one you'll need to make your way around some walls then use a ramp to get to some platforms to get to the crank and then use another ramp to get to the higher ones to take out the Thugs to get to the Platform of Salvation. As it pertains to this one even though that it's only four rounds but keep in mind that the rounds are long and will put you to the limit in trying to keep whatever ammo that you have in your weapons. Give people a chance to play the game first. I'll post the rest here as i find them though. (Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus) Ash, Mar 9, 2014. When you have done that jump in the stream to head to the next area and grab the tour bot. Calm down. Gather all 10 of these and you can turn them in to a smuggler at Axiom City in exchange for a powerful weapon. 4 Raritanium. RYNO V Holo-Plans RYNO 5 Holo-Plans Collect all the holo-plans scattered throughout the galaxy and bring them to the old friend in space. **Planet Kalebo III (RYNO VI Protosuit)** . The last one you'll have to watch out for will be in a airship firing at you as you need to make sure to save up whatever ammo you can to help prepare for this fight. Once that it's off of him and handed to Neftin to fix it to help get rid of the Nethers. There are 9 Holo-Plans for the RYNO VII hidden throughout the game, though the first one is given to you. Secured Containment Wing. December 2020: Major Game Releases For PS5/PS4, Xbox Series X/One, Nintendo Switch, And PC, PlayStation 4's Command Over Exclusives Leads To Promising Start For PS5, PS5 Restock Updates: Where To Buy The PS5 In December. Upon getting near the end you'll have to change gravity to the right avoiding more balls then near the end of that you'll have to get ready to change it down and finally have to change it to the right when you see the chance to do that to get to the next part of the puzzle with the box. Go toe-to-toe with the baddest death machine ever constructed, Rewards At the end you'll need to lower the next part and to do so use the Omniblaster to shoot at the panels to lower it down to continue onwards. nter Destructapalooza tournament on Planet Kragg. Gold Bolts: 3 - R.Y.N.O. The Thugs have rebuilt the Mangler and given it a few new death traps. nothing came up. Dispose of the Blade Balls and the Thugs, and after you do you'll be able to see what's going on with your friends. Jump over the Nether crystal then change gravity to the right for a second then change it up and move to left then over the divider then to the end as you want to let Clank drop with the current gravity situation. As it's pretty much the same as before but this time is when you'll be getting the Nethers coming in to help out with him to help attack you while you are trying to attack him but you'll have to watch out as there'll be regenerators there that you'll need to destroy so the Nethers will quit coming out to attack. Deplanetizer - RYNO HOLOCARD: VII. Best thing to do is to fire at the one on the right then the one on the left before you use the wrench crank and after you do all that make your way across on the rock platforms then get in the Grav Stream to make your way forward. Plus please don't try anything stupid with this guide because if any author finds out about someone doing something with their work it is considered "copyright infringement" and is HIGHLY ILLEGAL. The first couple waves of cars that come your way should be in both lanes as you'll want to stretch jump over them before vearing off to the left then quickly to the right again. Should be able to see it once it gets in range, slowly drop down so when you're near you can drop down and take it. The Holo Plan is right there. **Second Visit to Deplanetizer (RYNO VII)** . Eye. There'll be some Thugs along the way that'll try stopping you from completing the challenge but I'd recommend using Mr. Zurkon and the Omniblaster [or Dual Omniblasters if it upgraded that far at this point]. Eye as it's time to finish the job against him and similar to the second part of the fight but there's a new thing that he'll do during the fight by turning the platform upside down so watch out when he does that. When you do that change gravity right as you want to try aiming for the ground in between the liquid. Go to the Security Station entrance. Upon getting to that platform there'll be another platform to your right that you want to get to but you can get there by gliding using Clank's Helipack when you'll find a little recorder with a recording by Vendrea be sure to listen to it as it plays. The Thugs have reconstructed the Progbot for their training exercises. Rykan V ******* --When you're in town, walk from your ship to the armor vendor and beyond him you will see some yellowish colored pipes. Hit the panel to open the door only to find out that they have released Vendra as you'll have to deal with a wave of Thugs and Blade Balls in this area before you can advance further in the ship. Makes Zero Hour Blitz look like an awkward slow dance at the high school prom. Quickly grab it then take the ramp to the left to get back there and throw it in which will bring a path alongside a ramp that needs to be brought up so you'll need take the path until you come to another crank but watch out for the explosive enemies as there'll be a few of them that'll appear to try to make it difficult for you before you turn the bolt crank. Travel to the Sky Train Station. In the next room there'll be lasers that you have to try to get past without touching any of them and the best thing to do is to watch them to time it correctly to get past each of them. Now you have a new weapon at your disposal to defend the ship against the Thugs and try to prevent them from freeing Vendra. While it's best to come here before going to Planet Silox as you wouldn't want to go there to get up a point then to have to come here to get the jetpack then back to Silox. It's intended to serve as an "epilogue" to the series, going back to the style of the Future games and closing out the different plot elements of those games, while at the same time utilizing new gravity-based gameplay mechanics. Be best to make sure you have all the current weapons if you do and all of them full before gliding your way to the next platform where you see a couple of Thugs as you'll need as much as you can to deal with a few sets of waves of Thugs on the platform. Upon arrival on the planet and make our way down we'll run into the Smuggler who happens to be on the planet as well. 2 RYNO VII Holo Plans on Planet Thram? (Possible Non-Plot Related Spoilers) Answered: Where is the ship on planet Yerek? Once you fall down where it is, push it so far before changing gravity down then pull or push the moveable object so you can open the rock gate. It is the seventh iteration of the R.Y.N.O., and was split by the Plumber into nine pieces to prevent it falling into the wrong hands. The RYNO VII is a weapon invented by the Plumber in Into the Nexus. Unlockable How to Unlock; Alphabet City: Teleport to each of the six asteroids in alphabetical order: Bolts in the Bank: Objective Complete When you do that change gravity right as you want to try aiming for the ground in between the liquid. Objective Complete Objective Complete Although may take a while if you're not too good of a shotter with it as it may take a few tries if you aren't. Explore the Meero Ruins. Make your way around the red search light and seeing that there are more as there'll be a way around them taking an alternate route to get there where the Thugs are. When the last one is shut down, get on the grav leap platform then hit the control panel with the wrench to make your way inside. MESSAGE BOARD / RYNO V HOLO PLANS LOCATIONS. Once that you get it up there and put it in so you can turn the bolt but when you turn the bolt the place will start filling up with water as you'll need to get the hell out of there quick by heading back the way that you came but not without refilling the Jetpack before turning the bolt. Find Vault Keys Once you do head change the gravity to the left until you come near the end then change it up until you get near the end and then change it to the left. Complete all the challenges in Silver Cup. Upon that you'll want to change the gravity up then left but time it just right to change the gravity up for it to hit the mark where it needs to be. Zero Hour Blitz Investigate the Thugs-4-Less outpost, New Objective Objective Completed Now dealing with Neftin and whateer Thugs as you want to make sure most of your shots will be concentrated on Neftin while some going to the Thugs helping him out as it can make it a little more difficult. Now it's time to get back to the fight with Mr. When you've been told how to use it by pressing then to fire at the target near you then look at the one farthest away from you that's behind you to fire it at that one to create a link. After waking them up and start moving around you'll have to follow them out then to the door to the right upon walking out. Upon their defeat get on the tracks by taking a right to keep going to where the arrow is and through the building then make your way out then to the right. Best thing to do is to keep at him while having as much backup as you can as long as you know you need to have it but when you get a third of his health down it'll be time to move from that platform as he destroys it as you need to do what you did on Nebulox Seven to move from one magnetic floor to another. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. If you take the path from before in heading that way be sure to press R2 to activate the Hoverboots for that boost get to where you need to go faster along the ground particulary across the ramps. You'll have to deal with Serathoids but there'll be a problem is that you'll have to worry about them regenerating during the challenge. At this point there isn't a way to get off of the planet right now to head to Kragg as you'll have to finish the other objective first and when you're back to where you can refill your ammo and all that. Iron Lombax Head to the right then take a left head down to the end then take another left but when you get near the end you'll end up crashing through a wooden floor taking you down to below the orphanage. RYNO V Holo-Plans RYNO 5 Holo-Plans Collect all the holo-plans scattered throughout the galaxy and bring them to the old friend in space. When it comes in a small wave of Thugs will come in and this is where you'll have to watch out when using certain weapons to help save them to use against Neftin as it'll pass through at least five times dealing with the Thugs before Neftin rejoins the fight and is when the battle heats up some. Once you have done that walk on down to where the Nether is and smack it, and upon doing that you'll have to make your way back to where you started by reversing the way you came to get through this one.
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