It is written and developed using PHP, Javascript, and offers integration of a wide range of databases such as SQLite, MariaDB, PostgreSQL MySQL, and Oracle Database. Build your team's knowledge base with Seafile's built-in Wiki feature. Based in Switzerland, pCloud offers complete suite of storage, sync, sharing, and collaboration features. with others. Now that we stated the benefits of cloud versus traditional, on-premises platforms, the next question to ask is why an open-source cloud platform is a better option than a proprietary cloud platform. It allows you to access, share files from your computer at home. Learn how your comment data is processed. Its open source performance supplies users with access to limitless amount of storage area. Guest • Oct 2017 • … My first Open-Source project was creating myDrive, a Node.js, React, Express, and Mongo.db based Cloud Storage Solution (it’s basically a Google Drive Clone). All communication via Syncthing is encrypted (secured using TLS) and every device is identified by a strong cryptographic certificate to ensure secure authentication. Have a question or suggestion? Throughout 2016, the SDS (Software-Defined Storage) category achieved many new milestones and became increasingly tied to successful cloud deployments. Cryptomator is a free and open source project that offers multi-platform, transparent client side encryption of your files in the cloud. Securely synchronize your files to any kind of storage! OpenStack is an open source cloud computing infrastructure software project and is one of the three most active open source projects in the world. 10 adds on other new features including improved design, allows admin to notify users and set retention limits on files in the trash. Stacksync cloud storage. It is a distributed software system that implements a cloud platform as a service (PaaS). Scalable storage with the best cloud providers. Nextcloud is the best free on the market! I picked some of the parts from this article to compile the newest blog post on Cloud migration benefits and is now published on Cloudways blog. Backup data in Cloud Storage can be used for more than just recovery because all storage classes have ms latency and are accessed through a single API. Business users can employ it to organize, search, share, sync, backup, and govern enterprise documents to your employees, customers, and clients. Like other opensource personal cloud storage software mentioned above in this article; it provides desktop sync clients for Windows. It is available for platforms including Linux, OS X, NetBSD and OpenSolaris with some of its parts licensed under GPLv3 while others dual-licensed under GPLv2. Thanks for notifying, we will include NextCloud in the article.. But it here, and you should give it one try. As a project, it was initiated in 2009 by Charles du jeu and since 2010, it is on all NAS equipment’s supplied by LaCie. Parquet and ORC are popular columnar open source formats for large-scale data analytics. XigmaNAS is an open-source powerful and customizable storage NAS (meaning Network-Attached Storage) operating system based on FreeBSD, built for sharing computer data storage over a computer network. Providing a single AWS S3 API set and 360° access to any cloud. Updated: January 9, 2020 / Home » Freeware and Software Reviews » Data Recovery, ... to build your own box, on your own servers. Open source cloud storage offers a critical support function for many people and businesses. It allows for management of user accounts (via LDAP) and domain names, supports creation and restoration of backups, comes with a full email stack (Postfix, Dovecot, Rspamd, DKIM) and an instant messaging server. Storj is open source, distributed, encrypted, and blazing fast object storage. Pydio allows viewing the most common file formats such as audio, video, PDF,  and office documents. I really loved the stuffed that you have shared with us. See: How to install OwnCloud on Windows or Ubuntu. It simplifies server administration by offering a friendly web interface for you to administrate your server. Other features of Seafile which have made it common in many universities like University Mainz, University HU Berlin, and University Strasbourg and also among other thousands of people worldwide are online file editing, differential sync to minimize the bandwidth required, client-side encryption to secure client data. Since it got open sourced in July 2012, it started gaining international attention. Developers want to have an abstraction layer allowing them the freedom to use any cloud at any time. Second is PaaS (Platform as a Service) which used to host applications on the cloud, for example, Amazon Web services (AWS) and last one is IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) is a virtualized computing that allows the virtualization of any physical machine and other resources and avails them over the internet to customers to make them get a feel of a real machine. This git managing software is available for all the major OS including Linux, Windows, Android, and macOS. The open source storage tools included in this list are surprisingly full-featured, offering an expansive list of capabilities for a variety of users. Whereas this field is under active development and will be because of potential threats including loss of data or information, data hacking or masquerading and other attacks, many organizations have come forward with their own solutions to Cloud Storage and Data Privacy which is strengthening and stabilizing its future. Whether you are optimizing for split-second response time, or creating a robust disaster recovery plan, customize where and how you store your data. In fact, open source licenses are becoming almost a de facto standard for how new cloud technologies are being developed. Production ready management for File, Block and Object Storage. OwnCloud employs WebDav server for remote access and can integrate with a large number of Databases including SQLite, MariaDB, MySQL, Oracle Database, PostgreSQL. It uses modern cloud-based technologies to provide elasticity and agility. Pydio is written in PHP and JavaScript and available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux and additionally for iOS and Android also. OpenStack is one of the top 3 most active open source projects and manages 15 million compute cores Learn more. Learn how to contribute. Seafile is an open source file sync&share solution designed for high reliability, performance and productivity. Stream Music: MP3, Flac, AAC, OGG, WMA, M4A, M4B, Live Stream Videos: MOV, AVI, MP4, MPEG, M4V, M2TS, MKV, VOB, XVID, WMV, FLV, OGG, 3GP, SWF, MPG, DIVX, View Photos: JPG, PNG, CR2, NEF, CRW, ARW, RAF, PEF, Keep a single folder in sync between multiple computers (without using third-party servers), Backup and sync multiple folders at set time intervals, Automatic Backup of photos/videos from iPhones and iPad along organization of photos collection based on date/time; music collection based on songs, album, artists, and genre, Custom Web Branding, Mobile Branding, Product Customization, Own Domain, and Own SSL Certificates. The Nextcloud Server cloud Software for enterprises is paid while the community edition for home or small business users is completely free and open-source, and can prove an ideal choice to run their cloud network. Also, it supports ultra-fast, high-performance media organization and access from anywhere. Cloud storage is absolutely essential for one key reason: Storage valuable data on-premises without a remote backup can be a recipe for disaster. These two features not only saves the storage space by preventing file duplication (Using de-duplication technology) but also the snapshot protect files against ransomware. CLOUD STORAGE is a way of storing data online instead of your local computer. Seafile is a professional open source cloud storage platform for organizations. It is available for all platforms including smartphones. Share files with a public link and email address. Nextcloud: It is a suite of client-server software for creating and using file hosting services similar to dropbox. An open-source cloud storage and filesharing application. Git-annex is another file synchronization service developed by Joey Hess, which also aims to solve file sharing and synchronization problems but independent of any commercial service or central server. After installing it, you can sync your data to Desktop using the clients available for platforms like Windows, macOS, and Linux; and for mobile devices, it has Android, Windows Mobile, and iOS Nextcloud apps. Files can be used offline too. OpenStack is a set of software components that provide common services for cloud infrastructure. This project explores common infrastructure and best practices for open source Java projects for the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). It can be used by Home Users, Professionals, and Small Businesses as a file-sharing solution. 43. Importantly, it's open source, unlike Dropbox. Try it now › SeaTable -- Spreadsheet meets database. ... (paid) as well as open-source (free) software . It ensures the duplicate of a file that is needed in case the recovery of lost information is required. Designed for performance and the S3 API, it is 100% open-source. Please leave a comment to start the discussion. A value can be stored and retrieved by referencing its key. These tools are designed to be publicly accessible and are commonly managed and maintained by organizations with a specific mission in mind.
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